Steps for using PDF eXpress to create the final submission file

The PDF eXpress tool allows you to create a IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF from a variety of formats (e.g. DOC and PS). This PDF will be sent to IEEE for inclusion in their online database. The tool follows the PDF generation guidelines in these IEEE documents: IEEE-PDF-Generation-Full.pdf and IEEE-PDF-Generation-Simple.pdf.
  1. Create your manuscript following the guidelines on the ISPASS 2006 web site.
  2. Create a PDF eXpress account using the web site and conference ID emailed to you by the publications chair.
    1. Click "New Users - Click Here"
    2. Enter information as prompted
    3. You will receive an email confirming your account setup
  3. Upload your source file(s) for conversion:
    1. Click "Create New Title"
    2. Enter text to identify paper (e.g. title)
    3. Click "Submit Source Files for Conversion"
    4. Indicate platform (e.g. Unix) and source type (e.g. Postscript)
    5. You will receive an email with your PDF.
  4. Carefully check your PDF. Make sure all your images are included properly. Check for stray markings from the conversion. Double-check the margins and alignment. Please don't skip this step!
  5. Problems?
    1. If your files cannot be converted or the PDF fails the compliance check, you can click on the "Request Technical Help" link.
    2. If you don't like the resulting PDF, you can click on "Request a Manual Conversion".
    3. Send an email to (feel free to copy the Publications Chair)
  6. Submit the final PDF by email to the publications chair by January 20, 2006.


















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